Managed Server Co-Location

Is Server Co-Location right for your business?
Do you need a reliable & cheaper solution to your costly energy hungry on-site server room? If you do then Server Co-Location is the perfect solution for you.

Whether you have a single server or require multiple rack units or even entire racks.
ATR IT Solutions can provide a secure environment for your equipment.

With facilities across the country including locations in Newcastle, Manchester & London encompassed within our high speed resilient network we offer a range of solutions in all locations including up-to 3 site resilience.

All of the data centres we operate in are purpose built facilities, benefit from connections to multiple Tier 1 carriers and peering links to multiple exchanges all of which are available to all locations.

The features are available as part of all co-location packages. We can provide everything from single U to multi rack co-location. For a no obligation quotation or quick chat about your requirements call our sales team on 01916402380 or email

The advantages of server colocation

  • Frees up your IT resources
    • A co-location service provides engineering staff responsible for maintaining the facility and responding to issues 24/7.
  • More cost-effective
    • We house multiple customers within each data centre, allowing us to spread the cost of maintaining the facility. For you, this means benefiting from cheaper resource pricing and cost saving for your business.
  • All the infrastructure is provided
    • The data centre provides the building fabric, power feeds, cooling systems, generators, CCTV cameras and maintenance engineers.
  • More reliable
    • Power outages and loss of network connectivity are major disruptions to IT operations, and in business-critical or customer-facing IT systems, any downtime will result in loss of custom and reputation.

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